Family Tree Recipes

Rhubarb Slush


Rhubarb Juice
6 Cups Diced Rhubarb
5 Cups water

Rhubarb Slush
8 Cups of Rhubarb Juice
2 Cups sugar
1/2 Cup Frozen Orange Juice
2 tsp Lemon Juice
Pinch of Salt


Rhubarb Juice
  • Cut rhubarb into small pieces
  • Place the pieces into a large stock pot
  • Add Water until it covers the rhubarb and Boil until soft and mushy
  • A scum often appears and it can be skimmed off and discarded
  • Strain Well
You should end up with about 8 cups of Juice.
  • Place juice and all remaining ingredients into a clean pot
  • Heat while whisking until everything is well blended
  • Cool and transfer into containers then freeze

    Note: slush will expand slightly as it freezes so leave some room in the container for expansion.

    Note: I like to use old Orange juice containers but anything can work, (Mason jar, pop bottle, etc) just be aware that if the expansion breaks the container it can make a huge mess of your freezer.

To Serve
Remove from freezer and partially thaw until it is slushy.
Mix slush 50/50 with pop (Ginger ale, 7Up, Soda Water)