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Tosczak Family

Stephan Tosczak and three of his sons, Adolph, William and Josef, came to Canada in 1890 from Radautz, Bukovina, Austria. Stephan married Emilia (nee Czaikowski), and the rest of the family arrived a short time later. They had seven other children: Josephine, Martin, Rosella, John, Max, Mary and Fred.

In 1901 they homesteaded in the Francis-Odessa area on Sec. 4-15-14-W2M. In 1904 a school was built in the district. It was named St. Stephen after Stephan Tosczak as he was the oldest resident in the area at that time. Stephan Tosczak's was one of the first four families to settle in the Odessa area, as was the Friedrich Deutscher family.

Before coming to Canada the Tosczak name was Tostiuk.

Brian Tosczak previously did a lot of the research and he graciously provided me with a lot of the information in this website.

We currently have over 200 Ancestors/descendants of Stephan.

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